Mo Egeston Music

Egeston Piano Studio- Private piano lessons in downtown St. Louis and the University City/Clayton area.  Now accepting students for Winter 2016! Recital Pics 

20 Years performing and teaching experience with the following credentials:

Master of Music Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville
BM Piano Performance;
BA Music Theory Truman St.

See the bio link for full credentials. Also check the player to the right for a sample of Mo Egeston on piano playing an arrangement of a Chopin Prelude done for Mo's Mom!

GIGS (past and present)
As an educator

Egeston Piano Studio
Teipen Performing Arts
Columbia College- St. Louis

McKendree University
McMurray Music 

As an accompanist/pianist:

Resident @ the Dark Room
Solo Piano Fridays 2015-present

Muny 2013- Shrek Rehearsal pianist
Muny 2012- Dreamgirls.  Pianist for Jennifer Holiday's feature numbers 

2013 State Solo and Ensemble Festival- Clayton High School Orchestra
2008-2014 Solo and Ensemble Festival- Ladue Middle School
2013-2014 Solo and Ensemble Festival Ladue High School 

As a leader/producer:
Mo E All-Stars/Mo E Trio (2010- )
Coco & Mo (2009- )
mo & dawn: the remix project (2005- 2008)
Urban Jazz Naturals (2000-2005) Vargas (Swing) (1997-2004)

STYLES & Services
Instruction in Classical, Jazz & Popular Styles 
Accompanying, Coaching & Collaborative Performances
Music Theory Instruction  

Students accepted as early as 6-7 through Adult. 
Recital opportunities available but not required to study.  

Downtown St. Louis, MO- Leather Trades Artists Lofts 1600 Locust
University City/Clayton- Teipen Performing Arts.  Hanley and Delmar

CONTACT moisme1{at}gmail{dot}com



As a potential student or parent I’d like to thank you for considering Mo Egeston Piano Studio for your study of music. My aim at the Egeston Studio is to provide structure without the limitations or prejudices of adhering to a certain style.


My training has been for the most part based in the classical tradition and I have great respect for this time tested method of piano study. However in today's world there are many wonderful means of musical expression. After graduate school I found myself exploring the worlds of jazz, electronic dance music, funk, tango and swing. And I love them all!


So if you choose to study with me expect to learn the basic skills of note reading, music theory and piano technique in a traditional fashion. Once you have enough of a foundation we can decide on a path that will take to where you want to be musically.  Although I must say that the journey is never complete- I will simply provide my skills and energies to assist you along the way.


Students will have the opportunity to perform on recitals, at festivals and for their fellow students. Older students will have the choice to perform or simply pursue the piano for pleasure.


My formal training culminated in a degree in Chamber Music, so I am also happy to provide accompanying or coaching as a part of or separate from the lesson. My real world training has taken me into the world of music production and digital recording so some instruction may be considered in these areas as well.


Jazz and pop students will have opportunities to record themselves and even create demo quality CDs if that is an interest.


Ultimately, style does not matter.  Just be committed to learning and I will be happy to have you.


Happy Playing!


Clip from a recent recital of students from the downtown location. Recitals are held at Steinway Piano Gallery in the Spring, Summer and Late Fall with students of violinist Twinda Murry.

Click the links for photos and past recital programs. 
Recital Pics  Fall_Recital_Program_2015 Summer_Recital_July_2015_for_WEB

Recital Program Summer 2012  Recital Program Spring 2012